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Your Wedding Dress is probably the most important dress that you will ever own, and will in future years become the focus of the memories of your wedding day. If you take the time to have the dress professionally cleaned and packaged in the correct manner,

it will retain its beauty for many years to come.

Farrall Cleaners Wedding Dress Care Package.

We will inspect your dress, if possible in your presence, identifying any staining and assessing the most appropriate cleaning process. Any obvious staining will be expertly treated in order to achieve maximum stain removal then your dress will be cleaned using the most appropriate method relating to the material type and level of staining

present. After cleaning we will again inspect your dress, and if required any residual staining will be re-treated and we will re clean at no extra charge should we believe this to be beneficial.

Your dress will then be expertly hand pressed and packed in the manner requested.

To ensure that your dress retains its appearance for many years, we recommend that it is stored in one of our specially designed Wedding Gown Storage Boxes. Packed using PH Neutral tissue paper, with a close fitting lid ensuring that the fabric is protected from the harmful effects of light. These boxes ensure that whilst being fully protected from the effect of light and dust, your dress is able to breath and if correctly stored will not suffer from condensation and the harmful effect of mildew.

Each Wedding Dress that we clean is done individually, we will guarantee to treat your dress with the utmost care and assure that we will use all our experience to achieve the best possible result.

With care packages available from as little as £50, please call in or ring us for advise relating to you wedding dress.

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