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Farrall Cleaners Curtain Service is designed to ensure that your

curtains retain their colour and feel for many years.

Curtains act as room filters, adsorbing dust and odours and trapping them within their fibres. This results in loss of brightness and can affect the handle of the fabric. Stains on the fabric set much quicker on curtains due to the action of heat and light, and if left they become much harder to remove at a later day.

In the event of you having an accident, water based stains such as wine, tea, coffee and food stains should be gently diluted with water and dabbed off as soon as possible, if the material allows. Always test a hidden area of curtain for colour fastness prior to attempting a major area, and always be very careful on acrylics and velvets, before bring them to us to have them professionally cleaned.

Generally it is easier to remove a fresh water mark, than it is to remove an old wine or beverage stain. Oil or grease based stains should be left alone.

All stains should be professionally dealt with as soon as possible.

A major problem with curtains can be the effect of sunlight on the fabric, fading the dyes and in extreme cases resulting in irreversible damage to the fibres. In order to minimise this it is advisable to open and close the curtains on a regular basis. If possible, ensuring that the curtains when open are positioned slightly differently each time.

At Farrall Cleaners we have tried to ensure that we provide a cleaning service which offers you a range of options best suited to your needs, including our Free collection and delivery service or our complete take down and re hang service.

For more details, or just for advise on curtain care, ring Steve on 01270 765090.

We can provide...


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Take Down

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Farrall Cleaners

Curtain Care Service

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